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Teaching Artist

As an artist and educator,
I strive to create programming that is inclusive and empowers everyone to share their truth.
I hope we can collaborate on a workshop soon!

Teaching: Work

Essays on mental health are written through my personal lens as a first-generation Latina. With other professionals and organizations, I discuss and advise on how identity impacts mental health. Also, below is a shareable growing list of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ mental health resources.


Workshops consist of journaling, poetry, or storytelling, depending on the age group. Can be done virtually as well.

Social Activism

Workshops range in age from adults to middle schoolers. Participants break down their social location and identify their activist style by learning about historical movements.


Someone once told me that I would be loved if I could control my emotions and that being angry was unacceptable. I now teach workshops on how to embrace anger to protect ourselves and to create art with the flames.

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